Friday, April 20, 2012

information about tangkoko nature reserve

guide jotje lala.

information about tangkoko nature by guide jotje lala.

ranger fee rp 85 000
1 camera  rp 30 000 [new regulation]
accomadation in tangkoko dove villas resort RP 300 000 including breafast.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

tangkoko guide jotje lala

tangkokoko guide jotje lala is the general guide  to guide you to tangkoko nature reserve from manado city or from tomohon city with super tour before  to tangkoko
guide jotje lala can guide you to see the best of minahasa highland as like pre christian tombs,tondanol lake,linowlake,poterry maker in pulutan village,tomohon market, mahawu volcano tracking,visit kali waterfall,visit traditional minahasa wooden house,take swimming tin toraget lagowan nature hot spring.
if you are in tersting about my offer to you travellers visit my other web:

tangkoko birdwatching tour

tangkoko birdwatching tour.

birds you can watching and you can heard in tangkoko nature reserve.

tangkoko cuscus watching tuor

tangkoko cuscus [marsuphil] watching tour]

tangkoko black macaca watching tour

tangkoko black macaca watching tour.

tangkoko tarcius spectrum tour

this tree is called fig tree is the home tarcius spetrum. as monument of tangkoko nature reserve.all the people focus to get this tree to see tarcius.
tangkoko tarcius spectrum tour